Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long time no post...

Well.. I am very glad to say my second surgery was a huge sucess! They got the stone and removed the horrid tube that was making my life a living hell lol. Sorry I haveen't posted much lately but now that I feel better I will be able to do more.

Got some new hauls to show you all tomorrow so be ready for that lol.

These are my niece Olivia's first fake nails I did lol

I used the little holo hearts from my viva la nails package cute huh?

and this i used the purple glitter holor things and a holo flower I think they're pretty.

Til tomorrow.....


  1. I'm glad your surgery was a sucess ^^
    Looking forward to the haul tomorrow :D
    I did your rainbow nail, it's my profile picture if you want to see it, I'll be posting a full mani of it when I finish adding watermarks, of course I'll credit you ^^

  2. omg those are fabulous i am so honered you tried something i did