Wednesday, October 27, 2010


so here is what i got recently.

I love Sinful Colors.....

this one is called Let Me Go. it's a pale blurple color. Really thin so you might wanna layer it.

the glitter has a nice raspberry colored gel like base it's really pretty.

these are....Bali Mist and I Miss You. Bali mist is really pretty but, you have to layer it thick I think I used three or four coats to get it opaque then it was this real cool metal looking pink color.

some Dollar Tree L.A. Colors not sure what the names are but the teal and purple ones are a real nice jelly. The pink is really vibrant I have it on my toes right now and they like glow pearly neon pink lol

This lovely green glitter is Call You Later. I have a thing for glitters lately.
Oh the awesome greay black metallic nail polish I have on in this picture is the one from the little nail kit below....awesome color need a huge bottle lol (it's the one on the lower right.)
As with most glitters this one is cool but you got to layer it or be prepared to paint like 20 cots lmao

And then I got this awesome nail blow drier thingy with all these polishes for 10 bucks at walgreens lol i know my fiance is the manager for cvs and we went to walgreens bad us lmao but i get alot fo my polishes from there they have a great selection.


  1. I really have to find bali mist and call you later!!

  2. Bali Mist and I Miss You look gorgeous!
    The LA.Colors look nice as well, the purple one c: