Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hello my name is Stacey but I go by Punkii online. I am 35 and I live in Iowa with my wonderful fiance, Adrian and my 2 sons, Alex & Brandon. I've recently discovered I have a serious addiction to nail polish lol. And I want to learn to do nail art. Actually, my goal is to go to school for nails but I have to get the money up first. So, here I am to post my attempts at nail art and such. Yes, I do have acrylic nails, well, not now...but I usually do. I usually only buy cheap nail polishes and stuff to mess with so you won't be seeing alot of OPI from this nail diva lol.Not that I don't love their products. I stalk Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Wal Greens and Wal Mart. So hopefully you'll like what I do and can share some tips with me. Please send me ideas to try and products if you'd like. Any and all pictures would be cool too and if I like them and they are good quality I will share them here on my blog.

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