Monday, September 13, 2010

Haunted house and Frankenstein

I was just messing around this morning and look what I came up huh?

Remember you can always click on the images to get a bigger image.

I used Pussy Cat by Pure Ice as the base then I sponged black and silver striper paint around the edges

added a white smudge for a moon

drew a tree with a toothpick and some black nail polish same for the house

theres even a lil crow in the tree can you see him? lol

The windows - Morning Breath nail art striper by sinful colors

and then I drew lil ghosties with a toothpick lol.

Not bad for working til 7 am and then coming home to paint nails huh?

And then I did a goofy lil Frankie lol

The base is Sinful colors Fiji

his skin is Wild thing by Pure Ice
the black and white were just my stripers again
and maybe a toothpick lol


  1. ooo i love these! I wish we lived closer i'd have you totally do my nails! :D nice job woman!

  2. really like the haunted house ones